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Cooking Classes

Virtual Event

In this live interactive online cooking class, our Italian Chef will teach you how to master one of the most iconic Italian recipes and reveal professional tips, tricks, workarounds and Nonna's time honored trade secrets along the way.

Enjoy an authentic Italian culinary experience with no travel required!

• Cooking classes are fully interactive.
• Chef accompanies you throughout the entire process.
• Ask as many questions as you want!

Class Details 

  • Options

    • Fresh Handmade Pasta 

    • Risotto

    • Pesto

    • Tiramisu

  • Shopping List: List of ingredients are sent after booking confirmation

  • Kitchen Equipment List of kitchen tools needed during the class are sent after booking confirmation.

  • Ingredients: Ingredients can be adapted for dietary restrictions or lack of availability

  • Technology: Connect with the Chef using Zoom on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

  • Class Size: Class sizes are between 10 to 100 connections.

  • Event Duration: 60 -90 Minutes.

  • Ingredients Delivery: Available throughout third part.

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