Established in 2018, we are an Italian female startup committed to organizing the most authentic events in the Bay Area for both private and businesses, promoting Italian culture and Italian food.








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Cook like an Italian

Organizing virtual activities that can really engage your team it is not an easy task.
Powered by Zoom, our virtual events are the perfect way to bond your employees remotely, helping their morale and creating an interactive environment that keeps remote workers connected to their teammates and their company. 
Our Italian cooking classes are the best way to bring your team together even if they are physically distant!
Customize your class choosing among a wide choice of options: handmade pasta, tiramisù, lasagna, crostate, or a virtual aperitivo (happy hour) where you and your team will learn how to prepare Italian Cocktails!

Talk like an Italian

Do you want to take advantage of social distancing and do something useful and fun? 
Practice your Italian by participating in our group conversation classes. 

Too shy to practice your Italian with others? Need more help? Don't worry, we have the solution. Book a 45 minute private conversation with us.

Eat like an Italian

From appetizers to coffee, desserts and wines, a genuine dining experience to delight your Italian cravings and a way for Italian people to feel at home and savor some traditions.


How does it work? We're hosting food booths that will bring you into a genuine experience to delight your Italian cravings and a way for Italian people to feel at home and savor some traditions.
Pasta, lasagna, pizza, desserts, gelato, coffee, wine and more!

Seasonal Markets

Italian food - Baked goods - Crafts and more.
Bay Area Seasonal Market has everything you need, perfectly tuned for the moment: Christmas, Easter and Spring are our signature editions.

Our physical ​events are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We're already working to design and launch our next event as soon as social distancing ends so stay tuned!

Is your business interested in sponsoring or attending our events? Please contact us.


If you're curious to see more, please check our past events on our blog.

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We can support you in crafting the best physical and virtual event, with a unique Italian touch: dining gatherings, team building events, book presentations, private parties and much more.

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+ event concepting and planning

+ catering management

+ ticketing

+ graphic design

+ social media marketing campaigns

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+ printing and distribution