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A virtual journey to the gorgeous island of Sicily.

For this virtual cooking class, we will take a trip in the wonderful Sicily!

Antonella Dalla Muta, from Agrisicilia USA, will show us how to make the Cucciddati or Sicilian Fig Cookies.

The richness of this cookies reflects the influence of the Arabian traditions, due to the ancient strong connection with the Middle East as well as the aesthetic of the Sicilian Barocco for the magnificence of the shapes and the complexity of the ingredients.

Register here and enjoy a fun dive in the past!

About Antonella

Antonella Dalla Muta has spent half of her life in California. She is passionate about everything, and she is always busy exploring ways to enjoy life to the fullest. Originally from Padua, she came to the US to learn English, and after graduating from college, she found a job as a marketing consultant for Consorzio Grana Padano. While working and traveling the US to organize events and learn about the market, she became a mother and a yoga instructor. Her curriculum started expanding as she discovered a passion for baking and. Two years ago, she founded an importing company for Sicilian Organic Marmalade and Jam, Agrisicilia USA, to keep her roots and ties with her native land. She is in love with these new products and keeps exploring ways to make the best use of them. This is why she didn’t hesitate to be part of the Cook Like an Italian project and show us how to prepare one of the most authentic symbols of Sicilian sweet pastries: the Cucciddati!


Wednesday, May 20, 6pm PDT - Zoom cooking lesson


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