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"Eat Like an Italian"- Nov.2018

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

From appetizers to coffee, desserts and wines, a genuine dining experience to delight your Italian cravings and a way for Italian people to feel at home and savor some traditions.

Food can tell stories, describe entire cultures. It breaks those barriers that generate distance between a person and the experience. It has the power of attracting people and you can give so many roles to it: it can be entertainment or even the medium for communicating a message.

We have noticed that pretty much everyone, as soon as they know we're Italian, loves to share their own favorite dishes… spaghetti with meatballs, marinara sauce, secret recipes with an endless list of ingredients. But are these authentic?

Our experiences have shown us that very strong connections are made when telling the family stories of grandma and how she cooked. People love to learn about the making of our traditional recipes and the endless Italian meals, with multiple separate courses while we gather around a table for a true moment of delight.

It’s time to share these authentic aspects of Italian lifestyle again. Carry on our culinary tradition and specific knowledge, so we don’t miss the memory of some products and dishes of gastronomic culture and - at the same time - to share something about ourselves with others.


Aemilia Imports

Cafe' Venetia

Enoteca La Storia

Dolce Italian Sweet

Friuli Italian Wines

Girasole Imports



La Pizzeria



Vina Enoteca

Thank you all for coming, Grazie! #ItalianPranzo #EatLikeanItalian

ph. Maria Miko

Video by Bay Area Italian Events


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