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“Famose du spaghi” (facciamoci due spaghetti)

Are you ready for a special edition of “Talk like an Italian"?

Next Thursday Talk like an Italian will be: “Famose du spaghi" (facciamoci due spaghetti).

In Italy, you might say to your friends or family, “Facciamo due spaghetti,” meaning “Let’s make some spaghetti,” or even more generally, “Let’s make some pasta.”  In Romanesco, the colorful dialect of  Rome, one may say “Famose du spaghi,” or “Let’s make ourselves some spaghetti.”

Do not miss the opportunity to practice your Italian while enjoying a real Italian dinner!

Daniele, an exceptional guest will follow you step by step in the preparation of one of the most famous recipes of Italian cuisine: spaghetti with garlic, oil and chili pepper.

-The meeting is free

-You will meet new friends

-Cooking and eating together.

-Speaking Italian

List of Ingredients



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Crushed red pepper or red pepper flakes

Fresh Italian parsley


Large Frying Pan

small pot

garlic press (if available)

About Daniele

Daniele Pallocca is a Roman entrepreneur who moved to California.

A true connoisseur of Italian cuisine, he’s also a very skilled cook.

He collaborates with Ciba, a group of Italians in the Bay Area who loves Italian cuisine.

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