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Join us for a virtual trip to Rome! 

Learn how to make the most famous pasta dishes of the capital city: Amatriciana, Carbonara and Cacio & Pepe with 54Mint: each is different and delicious in its own way, but they all have something in common – they take a few ingredients and combine them to create something absolutely delicious!

In this fun one-hour class, Gianluca and Chef Mattia from 54Mint Restaurant in San Francisco will show you how to make these mouthwatering pastas just the way the tradition requires!

Afterward, enjoy your delicious creations with your lockdown buddies!

FRIDAY, MAY 15 at 6pm PDT

About Gianluca

Gianluca Legrottaglie is a Californian restaurateur with Roman roots.He worked for his whole life in the restaurant industry, starting his professional career at Il Buco restaurant in NYC in early ’99. He moved to San Francisco in 2010 and joined the newly opened Italian restaurant 54 Mint. His passion for wine, food, and his motherland fueled his dream of starting his own concept of authentic Italian traditions. Finally, in 2015, he opened Montesacro Pinseria Romana, the first Pinseria in the US. Its first location was established in San Francisco followed by Portland and New York in 2019.

About Chef Mattia

Growing up in Rome, Chef Mattia Marcelli developed his passion for food at a very young age, learning recipes and techniques of the Roman traditions from the women of his family. He entered culinary school at the age of 13 and moved to New York when he was 19, cooking for the acclaimed Italian restaurants Aurora in Brooklyn and Emporio in New York City. After a brief return to Rome, he made the Bay Area his home in 2012, and ever since, he has been the executive chef of 54 Mint in San Francisco. He is considered one of San Francisco's youngest most promising chefs.

List of Ingredients


3.5 oz Bucatini Pasta

1.5 oz Guanciale cut in stripes

1.5 oz Grated Pecorino Romano cheese 

3 oz Pomodori pelati (peeled tomatoes)

¼ cup White wine

1 Quart of water

½ Tbs Salt


3.5 oz Rigatoni Pasta

2oz Guanciale cut in stripes

1.5 oz Grated pecorino romano cheese 

1 Organic egg

2 tsp Freshly grounded black pepper

1 Quart water

½ Tbs Salt

Cacio e Pepe

4 oz  Tonnarelli Pasta

3 oz  Grated Pecorino Romano cheese

½ Tbs Black pepper

¼ Cup pasta water

1 Quart water

½ Tbs salt


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