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Risotto alla Milanese

Are you ready for another special edition of “Talk like an Italian"?

Talk like an Italian will be: “Risotto alla Milanese (Italian Saffron Risotto).

Risotto is very typical of Italy, so much so that it is popular in virtually every region. It is also well known abroad, where it represents a staple of Italian restaurants’ menus. Although risotto is, by definition, a dish that leaves a lot of space for the cook to be creative, there are some typical recipes every Italian eats and cooks on a regular basis.


Thu, Jul 09 | Zoom meeting

Caterina Trucco, an exceptional guest will follow you step by step in the preparation of one of the most famous recipes of Italian cuisine: Risotto alla Milanese, a pillar of the Northern Italian cuisine, and the most famous dish of the Lombard cuisine.

Are you ready to discovery how to cook the perfect risotto while talking in Italian?

-The meeting is FREE

-You will meet new friends

-Cooking and eating together.

-Speaking Italian

Who is Caterina Trucco?

“Cooking, baking and eating are my passions.I grew up near Milan, in northern Italy, where every day my mom cooks each meal following the Italian culinary tradition and the recipes that she learnt from her mom and her grandma. When I moved to California a few years ago I decided to follow my passion and to spread my culinary tradition teaching Italian cuisine in the adult centers and opening Sugo. Sugo is my, and my friend and business partner Gisella, food business. We are located in San Jose and we cook lasagna, pasta, meatballs and all the most traditional and authentic Italian dishes. We love preparing everything from scratch (pasta and all the sauces) following our family recipes and our Italian taste.”

Follow Caterina CACE San Jose Adult Center (her Italian cuisine courses from September to May) Santa Clara Adult Center (her Italian cuisine courses from September to May)


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