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Video Call in Style: The Ultimate Guide

As more and more workplaces transition to being remote, we’re learning how to navigate all the aspects of working digitally. Meetings are moving entirely online, which means that we’re attending a lot of video conference calls. If you don’t have a lot of experience with video conferencing, it may take some getting used to.

Our expert Paola Saia, an Italian photographer and posing coach, will share with you all the tips and the tricks to perfectly manage your next video call!

Paola will teach everything about the right set up, the “netiquette” (=internet etiquette) to follow, the right outfit, and also some style suggestions for makeup and hairstyle!

WHEN: Zoom lesson

WHEN:June 27, 10am PDT

About Paola

Passionate about art, Paola is an extraordinarily talented photographer and posing coach. 

Born in Turin, Italy, Paola graduated in art, music, and theatre and earned a master’s degree in multimedia development. 

After an inspirational portrait course with the famous Italian photographer Enzo dal Verme, she moved to Milan to study photojournalism. There she started her carrier as a photographer for national publishing and underground art events.

Graduated in Make Up, in 2013, she started her own business called Pois Gras focused on the organization of unique and vintage events. 

As art director, Paola designs immersive worlds inspired by the imagery of the past – and sometimes of the future – creating events, campaigns, and contents.

Know more about Paola:


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