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#ChosenForYou: Italian Brothers

Updated: May 4, 2020

NAME: ITALIAN BROTHERS OWNERS: MARCO AND GIACOMO LOCATIONS: Italian Brothers Bakery, 1401 W San Carlos St,San Jose, CA 95126. Italian Brothers Restaurant opening soon in Los Gatos PRODUCTS: Pizza, Panini, Cannoli, Arancini, Sfogliatella, Gelato.

From Sicily to California. The two Italian Brothers, Marco and Giacomo, traveled many miles to realize their dream. And now, they are proudly running a famous bakery, located in San Jose downtown, that serves Italian traditional food, from pizza to gelato and, of course, Sicilian specialities like arancini and cannoli. They are well known in the neighborhood for their Calcio Balilla nights, where lots of Italian gather together to enjoy their company and food. But Marco and Giacomo never stop dreaming. That's way they are opening their Italian Brothers Restaurant in a few months. 

Marco, Giacomo, do you want to tell us more about this new project?

For now we can only reveal that Italian Brothers Restaurant will open soon in downtown Los Gatos. The aim of our new project is to create a reference point for who wants to enjoy the authentic Sicialian kitchen here  in the Bay Area. We want to honor the huge migration that took place during the 60s-70s from Sicily to California. I think we have already made a great impact on the American culture in terms of choosing and enjoying good food and we want to continue in this direction.  We have been dreaming this restaurant for a long time and now, thanks to the support of all our clients, we are about to realize it.

What brought you to America? And what do you miss about Italy?

The first one going to California was Marco 5 years ago. He was in search of new opportunities and he found a job at  “Totò trattoria” in Morgan Hill, a point of reference for real Italian cuisine in the Bay Area.

Some years later, we decided to follow him and our dreams and we moved to this beautiful country.

Of course we miss Italy everyday, we miss our habits, friends and family but above all our gorgeous landscapes and the sea that embraces our beloved Sicily.

Which is the food you cannot miss at your bakery?

At our bakery, we try to reproduce all the food you can find in a real Italian bar like cookies, gelato, panini with Italian charcuterie, and cannoli with real ricotta coming directly from Sicily.

For sure, you cannot miss our cannoli, there’s not another place that makes them with Italian ricotta. You have to fly 14 hours to taste the same thing 😊

What’s the difference between what Italian and Americans order at your bakery? Nowadays differences are minimal but you recognize an American ordering a pizza beacuse he asks for pineapple as topping or he wants a sandwich with a crazy mix of charcuterie or a gelato with chocolate and lemon. Let’s say that they still have to improve their way of matching flavors…


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