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The effects of smart working and the importance of keeping a social life

While many companies have announced that remote working will go on even after the pandemic, it is essential to preserve relationships with teammates and the company. Discover how!

Is smart working something that will last forever, even after the pandemic? According to some large companies, like Twitter, Google, and Facebook, yes.

In the early days, smart working was seen with suspicion by some companies, because there was a common belief that face to face interaction in the office was fundamental and that remote working could have had a negative impact on productivity.

But, after almost three months of lockdown, the vision has completely changed. Most of the companies have, in fact, realized that smart working not only helps to keep their employees safe, but also provides them with more flexibility, better work-life balance, and increases their efficiency/productivity. 

Technology is playing a key role in this process, with video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. As a result, many employees are working more now than ever, avoiding all the office distractions.

However, social interaction while performing our jobs is still crucial. Confronting with our coworkers, being part of a group, doing activities together is fundamental to keep spirits up. That is why it is important to organize activities to engage employees, even if virtually.

The new trend for companies is organizing virtual team buildings to engage employees and add a little bit of fun to regular duties. In this way, teams feel more bonded, and there is a positive effect on both morale

and performance.

Following and embracing the new trend, as Bay Area Italian Events, we have expanded our offer to online events. We support assistants, team leaders, and HR managers who are looking for some entertaining

virtual events that help workers to connect to their teammates and their company.

Our virtual team buildings, Virtual cooking classes and Mixology Classes, are real-time, practical, and customized experiences with a unique Italian twist!

✓In the Virtual Cooking Classes, our Italian chefs will guide the group in a fun class where they will learn how to make the most authentic Italian dishes! 

✓In the Mixology Classes, our bartenders will show how to make the most famous Italian cocktails in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Our bartenders will also show some tricks of the trade, how to mix cocktails or make some cool garnishments. 

We believe that our team buildings are perfect for giving to employees a time out to build social bonds and improving the way they work in a more tangible way. 

If you want to know more about our corporate offer, visit our website and contact us for a quote:

Stay home, but stay social!

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