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#ChosenForYou: Sugo

Updated: May 4, 2020

NAME: SUGO OWNERS: GISELLA AND CATERINA LOCATIONS: Sunnyvale, Willow glen, Campbell, Cambrian Park farmers markets. PRODUCTS: Lasagne, Sughi, Meatballs, Pasta, Cakes and more!

Two Italian girls and a passion for lasagna. They met three years ago in California and decided to open a startup to sell their tasty lasagna to all the pasta lovers in the Bay Area. You can find them in Sunnyvale, Willow glen, Campbell and Cambrian Park farmers markets but you can also call them for private and business catering.

Gisella, Caterina, why your lasagna is so special?

Our Lasagna dough is rolled out exactly how our moms and grandmas taught us, respecting the tradition of lasagna served at every family reunion. The secret is to make it porous enough to catch the stuffing and the béchamel.

We offer 3 types of lasagna: traditional, vegetariana and vegan. They are stuffed either with pesto or bolognese sauce. Everything is prepared from scratch by us every day, using only the best ingredients.

In one year, we rolled out so much pasta to cover the length of an imaginary bridge connecting San Francisco to New York City, Around 3.000 miles. But in the past 6 months after our first year anniversary this number has already doubled.

Tell us about how the two of you met

We met by chance thanks to some common friends and we found to have this gumption in common. Living in Silicon Valley it’s not always easy, especially at the beginning while you are trying to find a new job and learn a new language. So we started to see each other, drink some coffe and cook together. Cooking Italian dishes helped us feeling less homesick so one year and a half ago we decided to found Sugo. The name is studied because we wanted a simple name that reminded of something Italian. But, above all, Sugo means “sauce” and sauce is the cornerstone of Italian cuisine. It's that special seasoning prepared with care that partners with the best foods and enhance their properties. 

Have your mum and grandma taste your lasagna? What do they think?

We have this expression in Italian that says: “Mom is always mom” meaning that for her we will always be the best children, whatever we do. Same thing with our grandma and aunt. The goal is keeping them cooking for us so we can bring in the US our families’ secrets!

Are you working on new projects?

We are expanding our menu because we are working a lot for catering and we have to meet more and more requests. Lasagna is still the most wanted item, but meatballs are in second position. We are also working on new partnerships but we can’t reveal any detail for now. We’re always open to new projects and opportunities to make our business grow day after day.

Where can we find your products?

We don’t have a retail location for now but we prepare everything in a professional kitchen where you can pick up your orders. Our website accepts orders both from private and companies. Moreover, you can find us every week in three Bay Area famers’ markets: Saturday morning we are in Sunnyvale and Willow Glen whereas  on Sunday morning we are in Campbell.

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Emmett T
Sep 04, 2021

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