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#ChosenForYou: Tigelleria

Updated: May 4, 2020

NAME: TIGELLERIA ORGANIC RESTAURANT OWNERS: ELISABETTA BENETOLLO LOCATIONS: 76 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008 PRODUCTS: Tigelle, Gnocchi, Tortellini, Tagliatelle, Minestrone, Brasato, Polenta.

There’s a taste of Venezia in everything she makes. Elisabetta Benetollo, is not only the owner of La Tigelleria, but also its Executive Chef. She is the mind and the hands behind every single dish they serve at her restaurant. She defines herself as “perfectionist” because she wants to be sure that every customer leaves her restaurant happy and satisfied.

She will be at “It’s Natale in Bay Area” with a demonstration on how to do the perfect gnocchi. Elisabetta, can you tell us what’s a Tigella?

Tigelle are a typical round flat bread made in the area of Modena in Northern Italy. We bake them between two hot stones, and they are traditionally eaten, piping hot, as little sandwiches with cold cuts like prosciutto in the middle.

When and why you decided to open La Tigelleria in Campbell?

We decided to open Tigelleria Ristorante 14 years ago, and it took two years to be ready to start. We decided Campbell because we fell in love with the location. The owners of the building are Italians, and they loved the idea. Since then, they are our friends and regulars client.

Do you miss Italy and your Venezia?

I do, and I try to go any time my job allows it. It is important for me to go also because I always come back with new ideas and inspirations. Venezia is a unique place, and every time I go, it takes my breath away.

What’s in your future?

I don’t know, I live in the present, in this way I enjoy any moment.

What are you going to show during “It’s Natale in Bay Area” event? I will show you how to make gnocchi. I would love to have people trying to prepare them by themselves. I am taking my best friend with me, and I am sure she will try to steal one of the positions to do her best gnocchi. So be fast to get yours first!


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