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Destination Italy Episode #1 - Live Event

Popular Cities vs Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations

Jun 01, 5:30 PM PT | 7:30 PM CT


The event is free, but donations are really appreciated.

Once you’ve decided to visit Italy, especially for the first time, it’s easy to catch yourself daydreaming daily about sparking blue seas, delicious wine, rolling hills, and ancient cities. But successfully planning a trip to Italy requires some not-so-day dream-like steps as well!

From booking transportation to deciding exactly where to go, we’ve outlined all the important steps for planning your Italy trip in five live events to ensure that you jet off on your Italian adventure without a single worry.

In this first 30 minutes episode, with the support of Antonino (Tony) Cacace, Travel Guide & Advisor at Luxtralink, we will walk you through the Italian destinations, from the most popular to the off-the-beaten-path ones.

We also show you the best itineraries, share valuable tips, and answer all your questions!

Register now to receive your Zoom link and get ready for Italy!

Support us with a donation and receive the video of the event and the e-booklet with all the information that will be shared during the episode.

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