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Followives - Launch Book

Updated: May 1, 2020

Who is a followife? She is a woman - and a wife - that is willing to abandon her country and professional carrier to follow her husband abroad. A phenomenon that is really popular in California, especially here in Silicon Valley. This term have been invented by the independent Italian author

Irene Perali in her book titled, of course, "Followives". As Bay Area Italian Events - and as followives ourselves - we have been honored to host Irene's book launch, followed by an interesting panel discussion with Elisabetta Ghisini - professor of practice at Hult International Business School, Marta Pilosio - illustrator (and the illustrator of Irene’s book cover) and Lilly Red - international wedding photographer. To open the event Sheila Pierce Ortona, writer, journalist, mom and above all wife of Lorenzo Ortona, Consul General of Italy in San Francisco for the Northwestern Area of the United States. If you have missed the launch party, don’t worry!

You can rewatch it here.

Also, you can get in contact with the author directly through her website and buy a copy of her book on Amazon:

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