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If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Limoncello!

Discover more about one of the most famous Italian liqueurs and digestives and join the virtual event on Tuesday 16th at 5:30 PM PT, 7:30 PM CT to learn how to make a delicious Limoncello by yourself!

Limoncello, a liqueur and digestive, gets its flavor and distinctive, almost neon-yellow color from the infusion of the skins of locally grown lemons in pure alcohol.

Historically having been a staple along the Amalfi Coast, its popularity has grown throughout Italy and now has become the second most popular drink after Campari. The drink is like a kiss from the sun and is most often served after meals. The liqueur is best kept and served ice cold, preferably in a chilled aperitif glass.

The Event

Learn how to make Limoncello by yourself by joining our virtual class on Tuesday March 16th at 5:30 pm PST | 7:30 pm CST! Our Italian chef and creator of “Arcocello”, Alfredo Arcobelli, will show you his secret recipe during this funny and entertaining class.

Click here to register for the event.

Support us with a donation and get the video recording of the class and the recipe step by step!

About Alfredo

Alfredo was born and raised in Milan, in the north of Italy but, his family on his father’s side is from Carovigno, a little town in the south of Italy, in Puglia.

His passion for cooking started when he was just a little boy. When school ended, he was sent to Puglia to help his grandmother Caterina. He had to work in the land growing fruits and vegetables, which then were used for cooking all the traditional and family recipes, starting from fresh meals for the day to the ones preserved in jars.

His mission is to keep alive these recipes as well as the memory of his beloved grandmother.

About Arcocello

One of the secret recipes that grandma Caterina passed down to Alfredo is the Limoncello and he decided to share it with everyone creating "Arcocello". Arcocello is so special not only because it brings on family memories but also because it is made with all-natural ingredients that make its taste unique, real homemade.

You can order Arcocello by emailing Alfredo at

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